My first experience with this new feature

Hello or quack for those who already know me 👋👀✨ 

When I saw the thread about this on the forums, I knew that I had to come and try this out and I have to say that I like it here so far, but it could still use some work in my opinion. 

First of all, there doesn’t seem to be a dark mode here, or at least I couldn’t find it, which made my sensitive eyes a little sad.  But I’m sure that Shannii will work on adding one soon like she did on the forums. 

There also seems to be a glitch with the robot test when you try to sign in, since I wasn’t able to type into the box. Luckily, I discovered the option to log in with discourse, which gave me the option to skip this step. I really like the log in with discourse option, since it saves time, although it doesn’t seem to copy my information over to this site, since I had to enter my birthday again and my profile information and picture are missing. 

I really like that you can change your username freely on here, but I find it unnecessary that you have to put in your birthyear, which for sale reason can be in the future but not earlier than 1959, before being able to change your username. 

The default profile pictures look funny to me, there’s not much more that can be said about them.

I’m confused about the connection feature. How does it work? What is it for? Will it give me a duck? So many questions that are yet to be answered.

Another thing I’m confused about is Jetpack. I don’t understand what it is for. Do I have to sign up there or is it just optional?

There also seems to be a glitch for me, where I can’t tap on the three lines on the top left corner after entering a menu, like activity or members for example, and the write button there doesn’t seem to work for me (yet?).

I also have no idea where this will be published at, so please don’t kill me if I accidentally hack this site by posting this, I’m just a curious duckling after all.

I think that a general introduction with some basic information could be helpful, so future new users won’t be as confused as me. But I really like the design although it’s a bit too bright to look at at 1am.

So, what are everyone else’s thoughts on this? Will anyone even see this?

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  1. Pretty much everything the same as yours. Love how it’s going so far though!! It’s super exciting!