Where’s My Forum Section Key? (Issue One)

June’s Locked Up Forum Secrets

Shannii’s Forums has some amazing sections that everyone can access, such as discussion areas, writing chat, roleplays (RPs), Games, etc. Although have you ever wondered about the exclusive sections and how to be part of them? From the Regular’s Lounge to the Patron’s Lounge, to even the Restricted section. How do you unlock them? By getting your very own section key.

Tell me about the three locked up sections?

The Regular’s Lounge is open to only our most active users on the forums. It is free, it doesn’t cost a cent, only your time on the forums, as well as good behaviour. Pretty cool, right? We, the mods of the forums, can see how close a user is to the regular status (a level 3 user). So just ask one of us and we can show you yours. To gain access, you have to have all of these ticked:

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 9.11.46 AM

Now for the Patron’s Lounge. It can only be accessed by Patrons, Supporters who have donated for that month, and staff members. The threads and topics are similar but slightly different from the general forums, and they are all still PG-13. So teens can become a patron or donate to gain access ($2 or more), just make sure you ask your parents or guardians first.

As for the Restricted section, this is much the same as the Patrons’ Lounge, except it’s only for adults. If you are an adult and want to be a part of it, then you can become a patron or donate to gain access ($3 or more) and get your own section key.

What are in these magical sections this month?

The Regular’s Lounge

If not the first, who’s the main user you’ll see when opening this section? That would be Hanna, our little forum duckling. She has made it her mission to keep it active and alluring to our beautiful patrons. We truly love her for that.

Just what has been happening there in the past month? Top of the section would have to be El‘s amazing “Anonymous Questions/Confessions” thread, which has been receiving a lot of secret admiration toward many of our regulars. Always lovely to read and puts you in a great mood. Another popular thread this month would be the “Rad Mod Stats” that gets updated every week by Rainbow. Just another special perk of being a regular, you get to see the forums stats as seen by our moderators. We really are transparent here.

What about some of the other threads, I hear you ask. Well, LHT runs a “Cat Activity game” where you get to choose a cat and battle your fellow cats (users) by doing forum activity-based challenges for points. From liking a number of posts to drawing a cat. A super cute and fun game. The regulars also have a discussion thread going to find out if Eleanor (El) is old. So it’s time to get active to find out if she is.

The Patron’s Lounge

If you’re looking to support as, by only $2 a month, then you will see all the rad things that all our other amazing helpers get to see as well. Maybe you can even help me create the game I wish to now start between Hanna and Michelle, to see who can post more times in the Patrons Lounge.

Within the past month, the activity here as increased drastically. One of our most active threads would be the “Daily Patron Lounge Question” thread that is run by three of our staff. A random question is asked daily, such as this, How would you convince a cannibal to not eat you? Then there is a “Patrons only truth or dare” thread where you can either reveal something about yourself or do some kind of silly dare within the forums.

One of the cutest threads we have on forums, hosted by our adorable mod, fraud, is “Your Secret Friend”. Our game involves joining a group of game players, who all secretly receive a name of one of the users in the group. For one week, you show your appreciation for that username, only for everyone to try to guess who that user was at the end. Pretty fun and really cute to see all the compliments and kindness around the forums. The positivity in the Patrons’ Lounge, let alone the forums, is just amazing to see. If you want to be part of it, remember, it’s no more than $2 a month.

The Restricted Section

A section for adults and only adults. You must be 18+ to join and have paid at least $3 (a month). That’s a coffee a month. If you’re like me who buys multiple coffees a week, then going without one won’t hurt, right? I’m a coffee addict, so if I think it’s reasonable, you surely think it’s unbelievable.

Anyway, what can I tell you about the restricted section? For starters, we have a “Watershed Chat” thread, a continuation of the forum adult chat on Discord, where we can just talk about anything and everything without having to worry about being PG. Speaking of not safe for work (NSFW) content, Game of Thrones (GoT) was a hot topic this month. Not only were we talking about the ins and outs of the shows and books, making comparisons between them, but we also got into an NSFW GoT Gif battle. You know, just some of the standard silly adult behaviour you could see in this section.

Besides both the fun and the more serious discussions that can be found in the NSFW section, we also have a space for writing as well as at. The community we’ve built has some really talented adult artists who create amazingly tasteful NSFW art. Including, but not limited to, furry art. They’re all masterpieces in my eyes. Then we have the writing portion of the restricted section, which even includes RPs and SGs. Though it’s small for now, we do have two prompt thread for anyone to add to. One is for all the juicy risque storylines and the other is for all the bloody barbaric ones. Time to join us there if you want to read those.


WE LOVE YOU! The biggest thank you to Michelle, Callum, Leila Marie, Josefine, Muu, Oreo, Mary, Raelyn, Drift, and Wolfie, you are all contributing to the forums with $3 or more a month.

If you love Shannii and these forums as much as the amazing users above and have a few dollars a month to spare, then we’d love to have you join this amazing list of people. Become a Patron and get ahold of a section key here. Though if you don’t have the money, then take a look closely at forums, ’cause there are other ways to gain Patron access. Might tell you some of them next month.


WE LOVE YOU TOO! A big thank you to Oreo, Jass, Michelle, El, Nemesis, and fraud, who all have donated a sum of money to the forums for this month.

Donating is easy and you can give any amount, you’ll still be appreciated no matter how much you can contribute. Every little bit helps. If you want to be a forum supporter, you can either do so with Ko-fi or Paypal.

Sadly, I have to go now and the doors have to be locked again. I have to take my key away again, though it is possible for you to get your own. If you can’t, that’s okay, I’ll be back again at the end of the month to unlock the doors and give you another look into these special sections.

Thanks for reading and I hope I’ve fed your curiosity about what’s in the sections just a little bit.

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  1. Even though I already have access to these sections, this was really fun to read. I especially liked seeing some of my favorite threads being promoted on this thread. I hope to be able to see what the restricted section fully contains some day, since it seems like a really interesting section. Especially the bonus RP threads and being allowed to swear. The regular’s lounge and the patron’s lounge are really friendly and amazing places to be.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it and I hope you get to be part of the restricted section one day too.