Why the Forums are a Great Place to Spend Your Time

It’s not a secret that I really love spending my free time browsing through online forums! The Shanniiwrites Forums are only one of them, but it’s probably my favourite one so far!

So why do I like spending so much of my precious time on a forum you might ask?

Well, there are many reasons for that, so I’ll list the most important ones in this post!

A Great Place to Socialise!

As a more introverted person, it can be hard for me to socialise sometimes. This is because people can make me feel exhausted in real life. A forum solves this problem, because I can reply to people at my own pace and take short breaks when I don’t feel like socialising! It’s also easier to talk to someone when I can edit what I want to say before sending it to them and make sure to say exactly what I meant to say. Additionally, I can just block or mute people who I don’t want to talk to, which I sadly can’t do in real life…

I’ve made a lot of my best friends on an online forum. It’s a lot less exhausting for me to talk over the internet and it’s easier to find people with common interests online, which brings me to my next point.


Interesting and Unique Discussions!

While in real life you can get stuck with a boring conversation topic, on a forum you can just switch to another thread when you don’t feel like discussing something. With the wide variety of threads most forums have to offer, it is easy to find a discussion topic you’ll like! And if it doesn’t exist yet, you can easily create it! It’s also very likely that you’ll find people with interests similar to yours on those threads, who won’t mind discussing your favourite topics with you and who you’ll truly enjoy talking to! 

It’s Fun!

There are always some fun activities going on in some sub forums! I usually hang out in the forum games section because it’s usually the most laid back one, but I’ve also made great experiences in other sections! It’s usually really easy to join those activities and there are always some that aren’t that time consuming, so you can have some fun even if you’re a busy person like me! And if you have a bit more time, you can also join the longer ones which are usually even more fun! I also *love* hosting events, so feel free to check out the among us forum game or the poll battle the next time you have some free time on your hands and don’t know what to do with it!

You Can Learn a Lot of New Stuff

There are always some people on a forum who know more about a subject than you do and they usually don’t mind sharing their knowledge with you! You can also just scroll through some helpful threads filled with tips and random pieces of information if you don’t like to interact much with people! You can learn something new every day and it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever run out of new things to learn and read about!


A Very Welcoming and Friendly Environment!

This is especially true for the Shanniiwrites forums, but I’ve seen some other friendly forums in the past, too. Most forums have at least a few users who will gladly help you navigate and figure out stuff when you join and most forum users aren’t judgemental! You can usually express yourself freely without the fear of being judged or hated!

Unique Users with Unique Personalities!

I live talking to people online because most people are more open online than they are in real life which means that I get to see the traits that make them unique and special. It never gets boring to talk to a person because you always find out something new and interesting about them!  A conversation can go on for months if you find a user with a great personality and a few common interests, so make sure to befriend some great people the next time you log into a forum!

If this post made you at least a tiny bit more interested in online forums, why don’t you check out the ShanniiWrites Forums? The community might be small, but the people on there are still some of the raddest people you can find online!


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