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Normally, I try to choose comics, novels or interactive stories that have something in common. However, this time I chose three random stories that got submitted for review by the creators. There’re two comics and one novel, let’s see if there’s something these randomly chosen works have in common while reviewing them! If you’re an author and want to get a review for your work as well, you can sign up here.


The Mysterious Narrator

Title: The Grand Six

Author: Newfie Studio

Platform: Tapas

Type: Novel

Genre: Fantasy, GL

Summary: Hello, my name is of no importance, but you can call me Narrator. It wouldn’t be a fitting name if I didn’t have a story to tell, but I do have one. It’s one full of magic and wonder, conflicts and perils, friendships and love. My story is one of a small child from the slums, who will try to become a hero in a world where evil is rooted into the deepest and farthest parts of the world.

First Impression

The title is interesting, but it’s not that readable on the cover, especially on the mobile version of Tapas. The cover is very detailed, maybe a bit too much. Potential readers won’t see the details when they’re just scrolling through a list of stories to find something new to read. The cover needs something that stands out and gets the reader’s attention. In contrast, the summary is super attention-grabbing once you take a moment to think about it. The general first impression of this novel makes me think it’s mysterious with fantasy parts but it’s not marked as a Mystery novel. That’s why I’d suggest giving the Fantasy aspects of the story more attention in the summary.

Would I continue reading?

In my opinion, this is one of the very few novels that have good, detailed descriptions of scenes and still don’t get boring. I really enjoyed reading about the world while slowly but continuously moving on in the plot. It always had my full attention from the beginning until the end of each chapter. The writing style is easy to read. Normally, I have my issues with following a fight scene because it gets too complicated for me but the author of this novel wrote them in a simple, clear way. Maybe having some more descriptions of the main character’s personality would have made reading this novel an even better experience. I was curious about her but I didn’t really care about her in the beginning. Additionally, I’d say this novel could also have Action as a subgenre, so if you’re interested in that, go check it out!


A Comic Full Of Characters

Title: Rum & done

Author: Mag Navarra

Platform: Tapas

Type: Comic

Genre: Romance, Slice of Life

Summary: Seemingly random guys form a music band, united by Love, Rock and Rum. Because they can’t perfom without a drink on their way to the glory or self acceptance at least

First Impression

The cover looks great, it makes me interested in the two characters right away. Again, the title is a bit difficult to read but the cover in general caught my attention. In contrast, the title didn’t really make me interested to find out more. It doesn’t give me much information on the story other than including alcohol. I had no idea what I could expect from this comic. Additionally, the summary doesn’t really tell me anything that could be special about this story. It doesn’t make it stand out among all the other stories about bands. The thumbnails of the pages seem a bit random as well. In general, my first impression of this comic didn’t really get me interested. However, the cover could get potential readers to at least click on the story and maybe start reading right away.


Would I continue reading?

Well, I like the story idea, it’s interesting. There are a lot of characters whose personality you’ll understand pretty quickly. However, I wasn’t sure which characters are really important and which aren’t. In the beginning, I got introduced to more and more people and already kind of lost my interest in the first ones. So, a bit more introduction to the characters would be good. In addition, the pace is very fast. I have to say that I really liked the art. It seemed more professional than most of the comics I’ve seen on the internet. The art is really the only thing that would make me want to continue now because I couldn’t really relate to the characters.

The Art Of Outer Space

Title: Leaving the Cradle

Author: Darth Biomech

Platform: Own website

Type: Comic

Genre: Science-Fiction

Summary: Gharr, a promising alien xenobiologist and xenopsychologist from the Alliance, makes some rash decisions out of a desire to explore the unknown, which strands him on Earth with no way to communicate with the Exploration Fleet for the rescue mission. What complicates things is that Earth is classified a pre-space age civilization and, according to Alliance laws, any direct contact with the locals is prohibited. Can Gharr trust these strange beings? Maybe their civilization is more mature than they assumed, despite being pre-space age? So began the events that later would be known as the “First Contact Incident”.


First Impression

This comic is a bit different from the others because it has its own website! I started by searching for a summary. Honestly, the summary could be a bit more engaging but it’s not bad. It gets better towards the end and that makes me want to check out the story. The title is catchy and the cover looks good, even though I didn’t really get to see the cover right at the start. The website as a whole fits my expectations of this comic, so it’s a good first impression that people get here!

Would I continue reading?

Firstly, the art is great. It’s very detailed in the right places. The story idea seems interesting to me, although I’m not really that much into science-fiction comics. There’s a lot of text, especially at the beginning, which makes it seem like you’re just getting forward in the plot slowly at some points. However, I understand that there needs to be time to explain things and show the science-fiction aspects of the story before the main plot can continue. I’m sure there are many people who will enjoy reading this comic a lot. It’s really a good science-fiction comic. I’m still really impressed by the art.

I didn’t find anything that these three have in common but I still found some good stories while reviewing them! I’m not surprised that there’s nothing they have in common, it just shows that they were really chosen randomly. But maybe you’ll find something when you check them out! If you want to read reviews of stories that have something in common, go check out the other reviews I already did!


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