Cat’s Reviews: Jokes, Stick Figures and Secrets

It’s time for some short reviews again! This time, I had a look at two comics and an interactive story on Dorian. As you can already see in the title, the three stories are really different but each one of them has something good about it. Continue reading to find out what I thought about these stories! If you’re an author and want to get a review for your work as well, you can sign up here

Animal Humour

Title: Otterly Human

Author: Otterly Human

Platform: Tapas

Type: Comic

Genre: Comedy, Slice of life

Summary: Otterly absurd comics.

First Impression

The first thing I noticed was the title. It’s interesting and makes me want to find out what the story is about. The cover is rather simple and didn’t really catch my attention. For some reason, it made me think of a donut at first. It’s cute and I like it, it’s just not very attention-grabbing. The summary is very short but good. Maybe adding a bit more information in an extra paragraph would be useful to give the reader a better idea of what the comic is about. The thumbnails are okay and fit to the general first impression but just like the cover, I wouldn’t call them attention-grabbing. So, to me, the best part is the title, it’s easy to remember and gets the reader interested.


Would I continue reading?

These are rather short, funny comics about animals which means that it’s important to constantly make the reader want to continue checking out new pages instead of just getting them interested in a general story. The art is very cute and I liked that there were always different animals. Honestly, this comic’s type of humour isn’t really my favourite but I’m sure there are many people who’ll enjoy this mixture of cute and funny! For me, it’s not something I’d want to continue reading until I’ve caught up with the most recent pages but it’s fun to read a few pages every now and then.

Simple but Colourful

Title: Stick fight

Author: Josh Raid

Platform: Tapas

Type: Comic

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Summary: At the edge of the free world, where everything is black and dead, lies the black empire. It’s a cesspool of destruction that destroys everything in its path. Every few decades, fate finds a new chosen one to defeat the dark lord and his black empire. He will always keep the darkness away, and it will never take over. Will it?


First Impression

In contrast to the first comic, this comic’s cover is really bright and colourful. The title could be a bit more prominent on the cover but, in general, the cover fits the title, in my opinion. The title might remind some people of a game which makes it stand out to them. The thumbnails seem a bit random to me but they aren’t bad. What I was really impressed by is the summary. It’s one of the best ones I’ve read so far. Not only does it grab my attention and make me interested in the story, it also gives me just enough information to be curious about what I’ll read.

Would I continue reading?

After reading the summary, I expected a lot from this comic. However, I was a bit confused at the beginning. The art is rather simple, which isn’t bad but I wondered if it’s a bit too simple. Maybe a bit more information about where a scene takes place could be helpful. As a normal reader, I’d probably have stopped reading after the first two pages but for the review, I continued. The art is colourful and stands out because of this simple style. I noticed that once you read a bit more of it, it gets really interesting. I had many unanswered questions at the beginning which might be what keeps others reading. 

Secretive Spies

Title: Spies and Lies

Author: Ducky

Platform: Dorian

Type: Interactive Story

Genre: Romance, Mystery, Action

Summary: You are a secret agent on your first real mission. What happens when a mysterious hot stranger shows up and claims to be your new partner?

First Impression

Let me start with the cover: It’s good. What I mean by that is that it’s a very typical cover that you see everywhere on Dorian. Without the title on it, I wouldn’t recognise the story just by the cover. That’s not something bad, it just doesn’t make the story stand out among all the others. However, the title is easily readable and catchy! The summaries of the episodes are interesting and don’t give away too much of the story, just enough to get me interested. I’d say my first impression of this story is rather good.

Would I continue reading?

What I noticed pretty quickly is that there are lots of premium options in the first two episodes. Sometimes, it felt like I didn’t really have a choice because all the good options had to be paid for. It could be a good idea to give the reader something good for free, to give them an idea of what they can get in the premium options. That’s why I’d switch to using more premium choice at the end and less in the beginning of a story.


The story itself is really interesting and fits my first impression. The tension is kept up most of the time and the episodes always ended with great cliffhangers. The characters are likeable, the only issue I had was that I wanted to see a bit more of the love interest’s personality. However, that wasn’t a big issue and I finished the whole story. Telling the readers that there are several endings really makes them want to continue, especially with all the tension!

That’s all for today! I hope there was something interesting for everyone this time: funny animals, colourful action and dangerous romance. Did any of these reviews make you want to check out the stories? It’s always great to hear other people’s opinions on the stories I read so let me know what you think in the comments! If you want to read more reviews, check out this page!

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  1. Thanks for the review. I’ve remade those parts of the story and I think the new story will be a serious improvement. Would you consider look at that story as well when it comes out?

      1. Just so you know, I just retooled the story to not be about stick figures anymore. It’s new name is the chosen wads.