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Creating a Well-Developed Character

If you want to write a story worth reading, it is very important that you understand how to create a well-developed character. I’m sure you’ve all read countless stories with bad characterisation. I know I have! And when it’s the main character we’re talking about, this can really ruin the story.

Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever to publish a story. There are loads of great writing platforms out there that give you the chance to post what’s on your mind! You have this site and Wattpad to start with! Why wouldn’t you try to get a following on the great ideas you have?

But the downside of this is that there’s an over-saturation of stories. Basically, because you can publish your story easily, everyone’s doing it. That means that your story is much more likely to get lost in the crowd. So, you need to make sure that you stand out from others with an amazing story! Well-developed characters can help you on your way to creating greatness.

Let’s face it: there is a hell of a lot of bad stuff out there. So many people don’t put enough thought into what they create. They write because they’re passionate, which is great! But that isn’t enough to keep people interested in your story. If you want to write your way to success and actually be in for the chance of being discovered, your characters are the first thing you should think about. That’s how people are going to invest in your story, after all! Empathy for your characters!

That is why I created this course. It should give you a good insight into what goes into creating a well-developed character and how you can get there yourself. I will give you some case studies of good characters and bad ones. We’ll even have a unit on creating a likeable villain!


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