How does the RP/SG Section Work?

Welcome to the RP and SG section! We welcome you all to experience the joys of writing with multiple people and creating a story with them, whether you’re a newbie or an old-hand at roleplaying. So how does the RP and SG section work?

The Basics of RPing and SGing #

What is an RP or an SG? Their formal names are Roleplays and Story-Games, and you can learn more about them in the links attached. When you’re the forums, you can find section and all its subcategories on the homepage.

The best place to start for any new RPer (Roleplayer) in the community is here; it’s where one of our RP staff becomes your RP mentor and privately messages you. They’ll talk you though how we RP here and answer all of your question, even recommend some stories for you to join. They become one of your first RPing friends.

If you’re someone who prefers to read in information or how-to’s yourself, then you can check out the Announcement & Tips section. It has everything from guides for RPing to how to use World Anvil. It’s where you can also ask any questions there as well. Plus, this section is host to our RPer of of the month, where you can also when an epic badge if the community votes for you.

Joining a Roleplay #

There are a number of things that are handy to know when joining and or creating a RP in our community.

The New Ideas Thread #

The first place to look when want to join in with a new RP is the New Ideas Thread, where you can find many ideas that our RPers have shared. When an RPer has an idea for an RP or SG, they share it here to gain interest before creating the sign-up thread. This is to know if enough users will be interested in their idea before putting in the effort of creating it.

However, this thread isn’t used to advertise ideas that already have a sign-up thread or RP/SG. If there is already sign-up thread and more users are required to create more characters, then we use the Advertisement thread to gain further interest.

The Sign-up Section #

The sign-up section is where a user can find all the current RPs that are accepting new characters for the story. Go there and scroll down the list to see if anything piques your interest. If any do then just make sure to read the original post (OP) of the sign-up thread to understand all the requirements before asking to reserve.

However, if you have a new idea for a RP sign-up, make sure to post it on the new ideas thread before making the thread. Just to see who is interested for you to tag when you create it.

The Roleplay Section #

Once you have had a look at sign-ups and created a character for one, then you can head here. Most sign-up threads will link their offical RP thread so you won’t usually have to go searching too far to find it. This is where you write for your character to create the story together.

Basically, this is the place for the threads where the story is written. Though make sure that you read the RP thread’s OP, as they usually have their own set of rules.

Roleplay and Game Chat Section #

This area can be used for two things. One is for chat threads that can be used while RPing. Many RPs use their own chat thread so that their sign-ups or RP thread don’t get cluttered with random banter. It’s just a fun way to keep in touch. The second thing this section is used for is RP/SG writing discussions. Questions that a posed to RPers to hear their opinion and help others with their own writing.

If you’re looking to just chat, then try the RPers chat. There’s no restrictions to what you can talk about, aside from keeping it PG-13. It’s just a place to talk with your fellow RPers whether you have roleplayed with them or not.

The Story-Game Section #

Caliope’s favourite section. If you’re ever in doubt with what SGing is, just flood her with questions about it. She’ll happily answer them and help you understand what it’s all about. Otherwise, you can have a look here or in the section itself.

This section is a little different to RPing because it is smaller. So, we like to keep the official SG threads and SG sign-ups threads together here. Maybe when we have more users and more SGs, we will be able to think about creating separate sections for these.

RP Staff & Tags #

Tags are amazing! These are not just the username name tags (@username), but a way to tag groups of users. We have the @RPstaff tag, which can be used to tag any of our awesome RP leaders. Tag them if you have any questions or issues in the community. They’re your first point of call.

When you want to start a discussion in the chat section, which is unlinked to an RP/SG, you can use the @RPers tag. This is the tag that practically links our whole community together. So joining this could be really helpful and is recommended. However, there are many other tags too. These tags get created by our RPers. They’re for their own RPs, though they’re to be used usually within the RP threads themselves. Creating these tags is really easy and can be done here.

No Duplicates #

What does this mean? Can there only be one one RP or SG going at a time? Not at all. All this means is that we ask you to check that there are no similar ideas currently going on at the present time. If you’re not sure, ask the RP staff, as they know what ones are active and what’s not. However, if it has been two months and any similar RPs/SGs have been archived, then you’re more than welcome to create your ideas, following the section steps above.

But what happens if your idea is even slightly similar? Please then give the consideration to the RP or SG owner and ask them if your idea is too similar. If they then say it is, please respect their decision and not create it. If you disagree, then ask the advice of the RP staff. However, if you do create the idea, and it is seen as duplicate thread, then it will be closed or merged, as following the forum rules of not allowing duplicate threads.

Archiving #

Archiving; what on Earth is this? Well, this is something that our RP staff must do. Once a thread is closed, they move it from whatever section it’s in to the Archives. This is only section in the forums that has this. Why? I don’t know. We like to think we’re special. Therefore, if you want to search for old RPs or SGs, you’re welcome to. They can be found here.

Time to head to the RP/SG Sections #

Are you ready to RP or SG? Yes, then it’s time to head to the section. If no though, then how about checking out the guides to Roleplaying and Story-Gaming.

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