What Are the ShanniiWrites Forums?

The ShanniiWrites Forums are a place for people to chat, make friends and share their work. It doesn’t matter if you are a writer, reader, artist, gamer, roleplayer or general forum enthusiast. We have something for you!

Shannii created the Forums in 2019 to give people freedom to discuss topics freely. We noticed that many forums online began cracking down on “political” discussions, so we wanted to see if we could make a place that would foster discourse and debate without becoming toxic. We like to think we achieved that!

Since the start of the Forums, we have acquired many fantastic communities! As well as our writers, we also have a wonderful Roleplay Community. Plus, we are growing the Restricted Section where users who are 18 or over can swear, discuss adult matters and share their NSFW art and stories.

We are growing slowly over time. It may take a while, but we are committed to this place and we want to see it do well!

We love seeing new people, so please feel free to join the Forums if you haven’t already.

The Different Sections of the Forums #

On the ShanniiWrites Forums, we have multiple different sections (or sub forums) that people can take part in. Some of these are PG-13. Others are for the adults in the community. Then, we also have parts of the Forums for our most active and dedicated users.

We ask that people keep their discussions in the appropriate sections of the Forums, as this makes our jobs easier as staff members. It also ensures that users do not see things that they don’t want to or shouldn’t see.

The General Forum #

The General Forum is responsible for the bulk of activity and content on ShanniiWrites. Comprised of the General Chat, Writing Chat and Share sections, anyone on the Forums can post. Also, people outside of the Forums can see all of the posts on there.

Due to the fact that it is the most accessible section of the Forums, it also has the strictest rules (along with the main RP Section). All content that you post must adhere to our PG-13 Guidelines. Plus, we reserve the right to move, close and unlist threads that we do not think are appropriate to be on display for the Forums.

The General Forum is moderated by the Forum Staff, who can be tagged into a discussion using the tag @ForumStaff at any time. They are always open to answer any questions that you may have.

The RP Section #

The RP section is currently combined with the Forum Games section on the ShanniiWrites Forums. However, we have plans to separate them as soon as we reach 1000 users.

The RP section is where all of the PG-13 roleplays (RPs) take place. Users can make their own RPs, sign up to RPs that other users have planned and just have a chat about RPs in general.

We have different categories in the RP section to stop things from getting too cluttered. So, please make sure that you keep signups in the signup category and chats in the chat category. This means that most RPs end up with at least three different threads on the ShanniiWrites Forums.

Please make sure that all RPs in this section are age appropriate. This is because they are open for all users and offline viewers from the age of 13.

The management and moderation of the RP section is handled by the RP staff. You can tag them if you have any problems, questions or requests using the @RPStaff tag.

The Restricted Section #

The Restricted Section is the 18+ section of the ShanniiWrites Forums. If you are 18 or over, you may purchase access to the Restricted Section via the ShanniiWrites Patreon for $3 a month. Or, you may purchase a single month via Ko-Fi.

On the Restricted Section, you are free to share content that may not be appropriate for the younger users. This includes:

  • Stories that contain sexual elements.
  • Stories containing graphic violence or gore.
  • Content discussing sexual topics.
  • NSFW art, stories and RPs.

On the ShanniiWrites Forums, we understand that NSFW creators can often find it difficult to build their online presence. The Restricted Section is our response to that! We hope to give our NSFW creators and consumers a place to talk and find new art.

Of course, the Restricted Section still has its rules. We ask that users do not post or promote pornographic videos. Illegal content is also banned.

In addition, we understand that some content may be triggering to some users, so we ask that you use trigger warnings as and when they are appropriate. Please always adhere to the 18+ Rules and Guidelines when on the Restricted Section.

The Restricted Section Staff are responsible for the management and moderation of the Restricted Section. You can tag them using the tag @RS-Staff if you need help.

The Patrons’ Lounge #

The Patron’s Lounge is for members of the community who have supported the ShanniiWrites Journey.

For $2 a month, users can access the Patrons’ Lounge as a thank you for donating to the ShanniiWrites Forums. Of course, you may also purchase a month’s access via Ko-Fi. Members of the Restricted Section will automatically get access to the Patrons’ Lounge also.

Patrons get unlimited custom title changes as part of their package. So, we have set up a thread in the Patrons’ Lounge for users to request those title changes as and when they see fit.

Users do not need to be 18+ to have access to the Patrons’ Lounge. Therefore, we ask that you stick to the PG-13 guidelines when using it.

The Regular’s Lounge #

The Regular’s Lounge is a special area for ShanniiWrites forums users who are Trust Level 3 (TL3) or above.

To be TL3, users must remain active members of the community, post frequently and make sure to like other people’s posts. You may ask the mods how close you are to becoming a Regular using the @Moderators tag.

Many of our Forums contests also include promotion to a TL3. This includes User of the Month and RPer of the Month, as well as some of the art and writing contests. If a staff member leaves the team, they will also gain TL3.

TL3 users who break the rules too often will be demoted to TL2.

Regulars get more of a say in how we run the Forums. Of course, we always make sure to run big changes through with the whole community. However, we will consult the Regulars more frequently, as we are sure that they are active and positive members of the community.

All staff members have access to the Regular’s Lounge. So, you can use the tag @ForumStaff if you need any help.

Forum or Forums? #

The ShanniiWrites Forums are made up of many connected sections. So, we chose to refer to the whole entity as the Forums (plural).

If you we referring to one section of the Forums alone, we usually use the singular (Forum). Otherwise, we stick to the plural for the sake of consistency.

Of course, it is up to you! On all of our official documents and posts, this is how we choose to use it. It’s no big deal, though, if you want to call the whole thing “the forum”.

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