An RP is a Roleplay. Meaning that the creator(s) of the RP create the concept for the story. The creator(s) decides the Who, What, When, Where (and occasionally why and why, depending on the story). Then they create the forms and such for you to join the story. So when the RP starts, you get to write for your characters and help direct the path of the story.

If you’re looking to find out more about the section, then look no further than right here. It’ll tell you all you need to know about all of the RP/SG sections in our community. You can also find the story-games (SG) guide here.

Terminology #

One acronym that is the same as with SGs is FCs. FCs = FaceClaims. Usually created in Google slides and it shows all the (main) characters who will be in the story. Though just to be extra confusing, as FC is also the image you choose for your character.

Then there are two that are very similar. ORP = Out of Roleplay. This indicates that the comment made is by the RPer and not their character. The other is OOC = Out of character. Similar to ORP, it also indicates that the comment made is by the RPer and not their character.

Then the final two that you may or may not hear, as aren’t used much in this community. One is IC = In Character, which is for the other RPers to know when you’re writing in character. The other is AU = Alternate Universe. It’s used to indicate that you are roleplaying in a different universe with canon characters.

RP Etiquette #

When starting off, it’s best to either read all the community’s RPing guidelines or request an RP mentor. Although it is recommended to do both. Every community has different rules and it’s good to understand them.

When joining an RP, please do understand that characters do not represent the player. So make sure to be respectful to everyone and their characters. That goes for not taking control of or killing off another player’s characters without permission.

If you are joining an RP, make sure you read the OP. It’s great to have ideas for the plot, but don’t derail the plot without asking the RP owner(s) first. Try not to be impatient with RPers either, unless the OP states otherwise. All users have a life outside of the forums and we all live in different parts of the world. So sometimes the time we’re online is not the same time as others.

Also, try to keep things PG-13. If you want a place to not do this, then we have a Restricted RP section for adults. It’s just for a low-low price of $3 a month.

What is ‘Godmodding’? #

Another name for godmodding is powerplaying. When you’re writing for your character in an RP and then give someone else’s character actions or speech, that’s godmodding. To take control of another player’s character. In most RP communities, it’s frowned upon; as you can only control your character and no one else’s.

Creating an RP #

  1. For starters, come up with an idea. When you have one, share it on the ideas thread 2.0 to see if there is interest. If enough people are interested then you can look into progressing with it further.
  2. Brainstorm and jot down the plot outline with a couple of events before creating a thread. This doesn’t mean just creating sign-ups and FCs, but At least a basic outline and/or events for what could happen. You don’t need to know every single detail, just something to move along the plot and keep the RPers interested.
  3. Create sign-ups. This includes, but is not limited to, FC slides, a sign-up form, and the sign-up thread itself.
  4. Once you think you have enough characters… start the RP! Open up the official RP thread and allow the RPers to start writing with you.
  5. Most of all, make sure you’re having fun while developing the story with other writers!

Too Similar #

Make sure to check the ideas thread, as well as the current sign-ups and RP threads before you start. This is to make sure that there aren’t any ideas too similar to your own. We do not allow duplicate thread/stories. This is so that each idea is original and respects the hard work that each creator puts into their story. It’s also so that the section has variety and isn’t filled with the same type of RP over and over again.

RP Post Format Examples #

Here is a format of how you can layout/write your RP posts each time.

Character Name (and maybe location of the character)

Typically at least 3-5 sentences for a character and half of that should be dialogue.

Either write "approachable" or tag the user with the character you wish to talk to. 

Does the length of my post matter? #

The short answer, no. It doesn’t matter how long your posts are. The only time it matters is when it is a requirement stated in the OP of the RP. Usually then, they ask for at least 3-5 sentences each post. However, write what you’re comfortable with and just have fun RPing!

No Longer Wanting to RP #

Maybe you’ve lost interest or life has gotten too busy to RP. That’s totally fine, just make sure to tell the owners of any RPs you’ve joined. That includes ones you’ve only signed up for too but haven’t yet started. The owners won’t be worried about it, it’s just the courtesy of letting them know.

As for your characters, they can do one of three things with them. They can kill them off, remove them so they never existed, or have them adopted.

Adoptions #

An adoption is just how it sounds. When the character’s parent (the one who created them) can not longer RP them, there is a chance the character could be adopted. Usually this means that the OP of the RP will ask all of the other RPers if they want the character. The user who does, becomes the adoptive parent of them. Although, the original owner still maintains the rights and ownership of the character if they ever wish to use them again.

A Dying RP #

What to do if your RP is dying? Don’t blame yourself, it happens to us all! If your RP is beginning to die out, you could try to start a new event in the RP to attract interest once again. Or, you could tag everyone involved in it and ask if they’d like to continue it. Another way is to contact one the RP staff to get advice on how to make it active.

If it is an RP you are in but don’t own, then contact the OP about it.

Time to head to the RP Section #

Are you ready to RP? Yes, then it’s time to head to the section. If no though, then how about checking out the guides to Story-gaming and RP/SG section guide. If there are any further questions, then you’re welcome to either ask them here or to any of our helpful RP staff.

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