An SG is a story game. Meaning that the creator(s) of the story will be the one(s) writing the story for the characters. The creator(s) will then write long posts (i.e: chapters) as frequently as possible. After each post, the creator(s) will include the character creators by asking for decisions on what to do next and/or possible questions they may ask, etc.

If you’re looking to find out more about the section, then look no further than right here. It’ll tell you all you need to know about all of the RP/SG sections in our community. You can also find the RP guide here.

SG Etiquette #

The main rule of etiquette that should be followed in an SG is not to post on the official SG thread. As this thread is reserved for the creator(s) only. Therefore, the character creators are just that; character creators. They do not write for their character, that is role of the creator(s) only. However, they do still decide on certain aspects of their character, but those decisions are shared with the creator(s).

Along the lines of creating characters, do be respectful to everyone and their characters. Including the SG writer(s). It can be a difficult job writing for many characters that are not your own. So please be kind and very patient. SGs do take longer than RPs since there aren’t multiple writers. Best to keep that in mind since the creator(s) have a life too and can’t write all the time.

Try not to bump the thread though, even if you’ve been waiting a while. We do have RPStaff who are watching to check that the SGs are still active. We promise you!

Just remember one thing; to have detailed characters! Since someone is writing for your character, the more detail, the better the portrayal! That means that the writer(s) usually don’t mind paragraphs of text in a biography or personality. But again, just be sure to check this when you read the SG’s OP.

Similarities to RPing #

One acronym that is still the same as with roleplays (RPs) is FCs. FCs = FaceClaims. Usually created in Google slides and it shows all the (main) characters who will be in the story.

As with an RP, make sure to read all the rules, as well as everything in the SG’s OP (original poster). Try to do this before you create a character. Understand what’s they wrote before asking the creator(s) questions that can be found with a little searching. Though if you don’t understand, that’s cool, feel free to ask. Just make sure to the OP, as the creator(s) may have different requirements and rules for their SG. As all SGs are custom-made to fit the imagination of the creator(s).

Creating an SG #

  1. For starters, have an idea. When you have one, share it on the ideas thread 2.0 to see if there is interest. If enough people are interested then you can look into progressing with it further.
  2. Brainstorm and jot down the plot before creating a thread. This doesn’t mean just creating sign-ups and FCs, but actually planning out the story. At least a basic outline of what could happen. You don’t need to know every single detail since you don’t know the characters yet.
  3. Create sign-ups. As characters are submitted, more plotting can be achieved. Also, if anything isn’t to your liking or doesn’t fit into the plot, then talk to the users about it politely. Remember, you’re the one doing all the writing for them. So you have the overall decision.
  4. Close sign-ups when you’re ready, then PLOT properly! Think about the events, characters, story, and even what questions/type of input you want from the users who submitted characters.
  5. Once you have enough detail… Begin writing! Use detail and descriptions, and remember to always reread each character’s FC slide to make sure you depict them well. Just take your time to write this, it’s your story and there is no rush, which is what is another great thing about SGs.
  6. Most of all, make sure you’re having fun while writing your story!

SG Post Format Examples #

Here is a format of how you can layout/write for SG posts (chapters) each time.

Title/Chapter title of the post

Typically more than a paragraph of writing for each part of the story that you fit into each post.

Tagging all the users with characters!
Questions or a poll for those users to help you narrate the story.

Time to head to the SG Section #

Are you ready to SG? Yes, then it’s time to head to the section. If no though, then how about checking out the guides to Roleplaying and RP/SG section guide.

For those wishing to join or even start an SG, you will always have at least one user join. Caliope loves to see the SGs created here. She promises to follow and join all of them! And if you have any further questions, she’s happy to answer them! Don’t hesitate to ask her, it’s cool. Or there are the RP staff, who will be more than happy to help too.

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