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This is a full list of the rules of the ShanniiWrites Forums. It is important that you understand the rules if you would like to keep your account intact and your reputation up. Plus, if you would like to apply to be a staff member at some point, it’s good to keep tabs on these rules, when you can. There are a lot of them, so don’t be afraid if you can’t remember them all! Just look back if and when you need to. That’s why I have a whole doc dedicated to rules! Also, there’s no harm in asking questions! That’s what the staff are here for!

The rules of the ShanniiWrites Forums are here to keep all of our users and our brand safe. Each and every one of them has a good reason to be the way it is! We always take the time to think them through and consider their repercussions. If we think that a rule will hurt our users more than it helps, the Heads will sit down and talk about it. We will consider whether we need to adapt, improve or even remove the rules to reflect the changing nature of the Forums and its users.

Please make sure that you read these rules thoroughly and try your best to understand them as best you can. The future of your account will depend on whether you are following them or not. Staff members have the right to carry out reasonable and fair punishments for breaking these rules, up to and including a complete ban from the Forums. If this happens, you are responsible and you will receive no refunds or compensation.


The Meaning and Enforcement of Rules are At ShanniiWrites’s Discretion #

The English language is fluid. Words can often have more than one definition and mean slightly different things to different people. So, it is natural that there may be confusion from time to time. That is why we have a policy in place for outlining the definitions of the rules and words we use on the ShanniiWrites Forums.

We are aware that we may need to add to, alter or change rules as a response to changes in the Forums, our users and society as a whole. So, we also have a policy in place to allow us to make these changes in a fair, quick and efficient manner. If you have any issues with this, please speak to ShanniiWrites directly, as she has all control over how the rules are made, understood and enforced.

On top of that, we are also aware that the same rules may be understood and enforced differently on other online communities. We do encourage you to point out rules that work well in other communities so that we can try to improve. However, when it comes to the enforcement of our rules, we have our own definitions that we follow. Unfortunately, you cannot use definitions from elsewhere online to shield yourself from punishment.

If you would like to keep your account safe, please make sure that you read and understand the definitions that we use. We are happy to clarify if necessary. However, it is your responsibility to make sure you understand. “I didn’t get what you meant by that” is not a sufficient argument to appeal a punishment on your account.

ShanniiWrites Has Ultimate Say On What the Rules Mean #

To avoid confusion, all definitions are set by ShanniiWrites. This includes definitions that we use to find and deal with hate speech, bullying and harassment among other things. All staff members are expected to understand how we define the rules on the ShanniiWrites Forums. However, we are all human and we can make mistakes or misunderstand the rules. The staff members are not immune to this!

So, if you believe that the staff have unfairly punished you or that there has been a discrepancy with the way the rules are defined, please speak to ShanniiWrites directly. She can look over your case and ask for any extra relevant information. Or, you can also use the appeals process to help you.

Once ShanniiWrites has given you the true definition of the rules, please do not argue with her about what the rule means during your appeal process. If you do, your appeal will be thrown out completely and the punishment will remain on your account. Also, we will ignore all further correspondence from you on the matter. We will not allow our users to bully, harass or pester their way out of a sanction and we will not allow them to intimidate ShanniiWrites into bending the rules for their sake.

That is not to say that you can’t complain about the rules and state what you think that they should mean! If you think a rule should be changed, please make a thread in the Site Feedback category on the Forums and state why you think that we should make the change. We will always do our best to take your thoughts on board and make sure that our rules are as fair as possible.

If In Doubt, Refer to the Docs #

In these docs, we have written what we mean by the rules to the best of our ability. They are the ultimate guide to the rules on the Forums and the staff use them to come to a decision on what will happen to a user when they break the rules. So, you can also get most of the info that you need from here.

Please feel free to peruse the docs when you need. Quote them and leave a link to the doc you’re referring to on the Forums when you need to. We expect the staff to do the same! This is so that anyone who gets a flag or a warning can see exactly which rule they’re breaking and how they can avoid any further sanctions on their account.

They’re also there to help you to understand why we chose to make a rule the way it is. As mentioned earlier, every rule has a reason to be there, and we think long and hard about what we choose to punish on the Forums. We understand that it us much easier to follow rules if you get why they’re there in the first place, so you can be sure you will find that here on the docs, for the most part. If something is missing, please reach out on the Site Feedback section of the Forums. Or you can also let us know with the question function here on the docs.

We are always open to creating new docs to clarify things that you are confused about. So, please feel free to get in touch if you would like us to create a new doc. It will help us to turn this website into a definitive guide to the Forums!


If You Have Questions About the Rules, Ask #

It is ok not to understand. We all feel confused from time to time. If that’s you, please feel free to ask! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been on the Forums for a long time or if you’re a staff member. You will never be ridiculed or made to feel as though you’re stupid for asking us.

Just don’t use a lack of understanding as a way to avoid a sanction on your account. It is your responsibility to make sure that you know what the rules mean. So, it is awesome when you ask us what a rule means before you have the chance to break it! We will appreciate it if you take the initiative to avoid breaking the rules and we will do our best to make you understand. If you have already broken the rules, we will clarify how you broke the rules and why it is a problem, but you will still receive the punishment.

No question is ever stupid. We would much rather that you ask us than break the rules without knowing what you have done. Our doors are always open for questions, so reach out to the Forum Staff with any of your queries. Choose the staff member that you feel the most comfortable asking! They can get the information for you!

We Reserve the Right to Add to, Remove and Change Rules #

We are always reviewing the rules of the ShanniiWrites Forums to make sure that they are fair, relevant and helpful. As the Forums and our society change, so must our rules to adapt to new developments.

So, we reserve the right to add to, remove and change rules when we need to. Of course, we will think these rule changes through and make sure that they are fair to all members of our community. Also, we are happy to receive criticism and feedback about our rules at any time. However, resisting these changes will result in a sanction against your account. Please use the Site Feedback category to voice your concerns. Do not break the rules in protest.

If we change the rules in any way, we will release an announcement on the Forums to let you know. On this announcement, as of December 2020, we will make sure to let you know when this change is coming into effect and when you can expect us to enforce this change to the rules. While it may come into effect immediately if the rule change is essential, we will try our best to give you notice. You can also see when a doc was updated at the bottom.

Please make sure to check the announcements on a regular basis to see any of those alterations. We will always tag the @Announcements group, but we can’t individually let people know about the change. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are updated on rule changes. “I didn’t know” is not an acceptable excuse for rule-breaking.

We will never retroactively punish you for a rule that didn’t exist when you broke it. At most, we may need to close, move and/or unlist threads in line with a new rule.

You May Appeal Through the Appeals Email #

If you believe that you have been unfairly punished, we have an appeals process that you can go through.

The appeals are run by our Discipline Advisor, ChaoticDeluge, and give you the opportunity to present your case if you have been silenced, suspended or banned. All appeals will be checked on a regular basis, but we cannot give you a promised date or timeframe to review your appeal.

If you would like to appeal a sanction, please be as thorough as you can. Tell us in detail why you think we came to the wrong decision, making sure that you have a clear grasp of the rules. Quote the rules that you are referring to with quotation marks and link to the doc, if you can. It would be great if you could provide us with evidence, too. Screenshots to prove your claim are extremely helpful in helping us to come to our final decision.

Of course, we do understand that you might not be able to gather evidence on your own if you have lost access to the account. If this is the case, please provide details of where the evidence can be found on your profile. This may, however, slow down the process, as we will need to inform any other parties involved that we will be accessing your PM with them.

If you are appealing because your account was hacked, let us know immediately. We can only find out your most recent and your first ever IP address, so a delay in reporting could prevent us from gathering evidence.

Please be aware that your appeal does not guarantee that your account will be restored. Also, failing to understand or disagreeing with the rules will not count as a good reason to restore your account.


Keep the ShanniiWrites Forums Tidy #

We have a number of rules designed to keep the ShanniiWrites Forums tidy and easy to access. They’re there to make sure that every user has the best experience possible, including the staff members. Also, a clean tidy forum makes things easier to find, fun to engage with and more appealing to new users.

All of our users have a duty to keep the Forums tidy. If you fail to do this, you make the Forums worse for everyone! People won’t be able to find the help, advice, tips or conversations that they want. An untidy, unruly forum will prevent people from joining us, or drive them away once they’re here. So, we will need to take your privileges away if you fail to obey these rules.

On the ShanniiWrites Forums, we rely on traffic, donations, affiliate links, subscriptions and ad revenue to keep us afloat. In order to keep us up and running, we need to make sure that all of our users do their bit. This means that we need you to follow these rules and make sure that you are posting your quality content in the right sections, not spamming threads with off-topic replies and not overusing tags. If you would like to help more than this, we appreciate it! Please see the doc on how to help the Forums for more.

However, if you keep the Forums tidy and make sure that things are where they should be, you are helping with the Forums SEO. This will keep us high in search results and keep us relevant. So, please do your bit to make sure the Forums can be awesome.

No Excessive Off-Topic Posting #

Do Not Spam Threads #

Do Not Duplicate Threads #

Improve the Discussion #

Do Not Start a Thread in the Wrong Category #

Check Category Guidelines Before Posting #

Do Not Spam User Tags #

Follow Post-Specific Rules #

Don’t Post Multiple Versions of the Same Thread #

Don’t Cross-Post the Same Thing in Multiple Threads #

Don’t Post No-Content Replies #

Don’t Divert a Thread by Changing It Midstream #

Do Not Use the Forums to Promote Unrelated Goods or Services #

Do Not Create Alt Accounts #

Be Fair And Civil To All Users #

No Tone Policing #

Do Not Purposefully Misgender Other Users #

Do Not Harass Other Users #

No Dogpiling #

No Name-Calling #

No Ad-Hominem Attacks #

Do Not Challenge Another User’s Right to Have An Opinion #

No Knee-Jerk Contradictions #

No Hate Speech #

Do Not Defame Other Users #

Do Not Dox Other Users #

Do Not Use Other Languages to Alienate, Exclude or Insult Users #

No Bullying #

Understand That You Might Get Criticism #

Keep Content Quality High #

Do Not Spread False Information #

Do Not Sell Other Creators’ Work #

Give Credit Where It Is Due #

No Illegal Activity #

Do Not Engage in Illegal Activity on the Forums #

Do Not Promote or Encourage Others to Engage in Illegal Activity #

Some Mention of Illegal Activity in Artistic Content is Fine #

Follow the Forums Content Guidelines #

The Main Forum Must Be PG-13 #

Underage Users Must Not Engage with 18+ Content #

No User Under 18 May Join the Restricted Section #

No Underage Users in Mature PMs/DMs #

Help the Staff Out #

If You See Something Wrong, Flag It #

Do Not Abuse the Flagging System #

You Can Remind Others to Obey the Rules #

Be Clear When Giving Information to the Staff #

Do Not Exploit the Discipline Table #

Help to Improve the ShanniiWrites Forums #

Do Not Promote Rival Forums or Services #

Do Not Bring Drama From Other Communities #

If You Have a Problem, Talk to Us! #

Commission Prices Must be Clear and Transparent #

The ShanniiWrites Team is Not Involved in Commissions Between Users #

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