• Does Your Work Need Sensitivity Reading?
    Sensitivity Reading: Do You Need It?

    24th July 2020

    In 2020, writing in a PC way is getting more and more important. People are taking more notice of your language. Those of us who…

    What I Learnt From Writing a Muslim Character
    Writing a Muslim Character: What I Learnt

    28th May 2020

    I spent a lot of time thinking about portraying Muslim people well when I created my character, Zaynah, for The Queen of Freaks. Here’s what I learnt!

    I stand with Episode RPers, even if Episode doesn't!
    Episode RPers: You Have a Home With Us

    24th February 2020

    Episode has abandoned their RPers on the Forums, but you don’t need to feel alone! We have a new place for you. I stand with the Episode RPers!