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In light of the reopening of Spotlight Sunday, I would love to take your review requests!

This is a chance for underappreciated authors to get a review on their story, which will be posted on the ShanniiWrites website on Sundays.

This is your chance to get a review for your story! Add yourself to our shortlist now!

Of course, we cannot cover all of the stories we see on here, but we will try to cover as many as possible. We will also have honourable mentions for any of the great stories that we’ve missed.

How It Works

Before, the Spotlight Sunday posts were rather long. I’ll still try my best to provide some long posts, but I’d love to promote as many stories as possible! So I will provide feedback on the following points:

  • Star Rating (out of 10)
  • Brief Synopsis
  • Diversity Check
  • SPaG (Spelling Punctuation and Grammar)
  • Uniqueness rating

We’ll also provide a link to your story, but we would love it if you could provide a large cover for your story that we can use in the post.

We’ll try to get through as many as possible, but please don’t be put out if you don’t get a rating!

We promote criticism here on ShanniiWrites, so please only sign up if you are willing to receive honest criticism, both positive and negative.

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