Surviving being Stranded on Deserted Island

The Shanniiwrites forums has already hosted two events, the Murder Mystery and Zombie Virus. It’s time for a third. Except this time, each participating user will see if they can survive being stranded with all the things thrown their way. It will mainly test everyone individually, though there will be a couple of team-building exercises… if you survive that long. So if you want to participate, you can do so by commenting along on this thread.


Packing For Vacation

It’s time for a well-earned and much needed break. You’ve taken a month off work and booked a three-week-long cruise with a week’s stay on a Tropical Island in your very own hut. But first, you must pack. There is an allowance of two suitcases per person with ONLY twenty items in each. As well as a small (hand) bag with ONLY five items in it. An item could be something like a pair of jeans or a toothbrush to a pot to cook in. Think about what items to pack. Whether it be food, clothing or tolietry items, money from somewhere, cooking equipment, etc. The choice id yours.

A suggestion is just to make sure to mix the items around and not to keep the same thing together, split things between both suitcases.

Time to pack. What will you pack to go on vacation? Will it help you to survive being stranded on a deserted island?