Test Your Forum Staff Knowledge – Quiz Two

Back in March 2020, the forum had an influx of users (in particular Roleplayers) and we were wanting to create an RP team as well as taking on more staff. The staff team needed to be bigger, so we needed more helpful and active users to join them in making the Shanniiwrites forums as great as the could.

So what they did was create an application form for users to apply to be leaders and/or RP leader. The form consisted of opinion questions and multi-choice test-like questions to see who would be the best fit.


Looking back at all the applications, and its multi-choice questions, we’ve decided to turn it into quizzes for anyone to be able to test their knowledge of the forums and on staff conduct to, hopefully, help you the next time we need more leaders. Each answer will also have an explanation as to why these are the answers.

Just be aware that some questions have more than one answer, and if you don’t click all the correct ones then the answer will be marked as wrong. It was a quiz we used to get a grip of people in an abstract sense so getting the correct answers would be difficult.

Good luck with the quiz!

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