The Lightbringers

The Lightbringers is my first world-building experience. In collaboration with the artist ChaoticDeluge on DeviantArt, I am making my world come true and learning some home truths about writing along the way.

Current stories:


  • A Penny for Your Thoughts
  • The Abandoned
  • Moonchild
  • The Librarian

Side Projects:

Stay tuned for more stories, as there s a lot more in the works where that came from!

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In the meantime, let me introduce you to some of my most important characters:

Evanna New
Evanna Reign by Chaotic Deluge

Evanna is the protagonist of The Queen of Freaks. As a princess, she was shy and dedicated in her pursuit of languages. Now that she’s been thrown into magical prison for having supernatural powers, she has been forced to take on a new role: the rebel. Rebellion may just be the only way to save England from a bigger force than a tyrannical king

Anabelle New
Anabelle Reign by Chaotic Deluge

Even the best of rebels need backup… and who better than your own big sister? Anabelle is Evanna’s eyes and ears inside the castle and her favourite, sassy sibling. Her moral compass never wavers and she is always willing to do the right thing… a reassuring trait in a member of the Royal Family.  Despite her naivete and arrogance, who can blame you for falling in love with someone like Anabelle?

Theo New
Theo Blanche by Chaotic Deluge

What could be better than having a tall, confident and kind love interest who’s willing to stand by your side through everything? Well… very little. Theo has a deep respect for and attraction to Evanna and believes in her every step of the way. With his warm smile, cute freckles and intelligent mind, I’m sure we can forgive a little self-righteousness here and there.

Vince New
Vince Kayen by Chaotic Deluge

If broody, silent and strong is your type, look no further. Vince is… silent. Evanna’s probably never seen him smile. Plus, he hates all the Royals for what happened to his family… including our ex-princess protagonist. It seems that it’s not only the King who needs to drop prejudices and re-enter the real world… but hey! What is a story without a massive character arc or two?