What’s your Character’s Zodiac sign?

I know you think your character is really developed already and it possibly is. Though you can never truly have a complete character, as they are always growing and involving as we write for them. Just as we are in life, constantly changing with every decision we make, no matter how small.


So why does my character need a zodiac sign? What if I don’t believe in astrological signs? I hear you ask and think of these questions, which a very valid. Though why not? Even if you don’t believe in them and don’t believe that they hold any validation as to who you are and what you do in life, it doesn’t mean you aren’t still aware of what your sign is.

We all know what our signs are, so why not discover what your characters’ zodiac signs are too. Maybe knowing them and reading up on the sign, can help you to learn/uncover a little more about your character, which can help with how you portray them.

Hey, if you really want to, try the quiz again and answer the questions as yourself. See what sign you get and if it matches with the sign you actually have.

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