Which of the Charmed sisters are you?

In the original series of Charmed, the one that aired in the late 90s, there were actually four Halliwell sisters and not three. The oldest being Prue, then Piper, Phoebe, and Paige.

This show had a cult following of fans who wanted the powers, to be witches and even wanted to be the characters. If you asked any fan of the show which character they would be if they could be, most would have an answer at the back of their mind that they’ve already thought of. I know I have.


So here’s a question for you. Who do you want to be and which of the Charmed Ones are you most like after answering the question in this quiz?

If you want to share your results and see if you match with anyone else, we have a thread on the Shanniiwrites forums for you to do so.

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