Zombie Virus Outbreak on the Forums

Day One

The Shanniiwrites forums is already host to one gruesome event, the murder mystery, but there’s been a devastating second one. It appears that a forumer has contracted a neurological virus that may be contagious. That user is Squishy. Be careful users, it may be infectious.

In order to cure the virus before it spreads, our best Forum Detectives must find a cure. In doing so, they must appoint five doctors who will have the task of taking care of each of the parts needed for a cure. Once you have appointed them, you will receive a daily update of infected users and possible clues to finding the cure ingredients. Just be sure to keep checking back to this page for further development on the outbreak.


Day Two

With Squishy still socialising, despite being ill, she infected more people. Three more people. They were El, Passie, and Wolfie, who have now all taken ill with the contagious virus.

First, you must search for a pill that can act against any pain and fever, and is not necessarily made from plants.

The Doctors

You’ve chosen Passie, El, Michelle, Spoon, Nil to be your doctors. BUT with what is said below, are you sure you want to keep these users as your doctors?

You’ve decided on your five doctors who will each hold one of the five cure ingredients. Once you find all five ingredients, the doctors must all come together (on a thread), to create the cure. However, if a doctor becomes infected then they must pass on their doctor title to another human before they become a zombie. As Zombie DNA will mutate the vile and a cure will be impossible. You pass it on by going to a public thread where a zombie hasn’t posted yet and announce who you’re passing it onto and they must accept the title before zombies post.

Day Three

With El at risk, she passed on her title to Sumana who now joins Passie, Michelle, Spoon, and Nil as doctors. After doing so, El went to find Passie to get her to do the same. On the way, she spoke to Isidora and infected her. Fortunately, she found Passie. Unfortunately, she found her coughing, spreading more of the virus to El. El’s eyes turned red and she was hungry; El was now the first zombie. They were not the only ones to spread the virus, Wolfie too. Faith contracted the virus from her.

The search continues for some Paracetamol. The detectives know they can still save El, you just have to be careful that she doesn’t contaminate the ingredients before that. An emo is likely to hold such a pill to use to make a cure, but what if there are zombies near it.

Day Four

Luckily for everyone, Passie wasn’t turned into a zombie but passed on her title of doctor to Brooke just in case. Our five doctors are now Michelle, Spoon, Nil, Sumana, and Brooke. Another lucky thing for the users was that none of yesterday’s infected passed on the infection. Only zombie El, who got too close to Cali and now she’s been seen coughing.

The detectives still haven’t had any luck finding the pill. There were only six of you (users) who liked the location of the Paracetamol you need, though this was a few months back.


Day Five

Zombie El is becoming dangerous, as her nails have grown far too long and she has managed to scratch Passie. This has caused Passie to turn zombie. While yesterday’s infected, Cali, was still coughing and has spread the virus further. Now Spoon and Sophia are infected too.

As for the first ingredient, it’s found in a location that was made on the 7th and is to talk about a favourite amongst our gamers.

Day Six

Zombie Passie was the dangerous one today, infecting both Bhav and Bee. Not to forget yesterday’s infected, who also were a little too talkative with other forumers. As Spoon infected Tanaka while Sophia infected Cali and Ella, which turned Cali into a zombie. Making the third forum zombie.

Our five doctors (Michelle, Spoon, Nil, Sumana, and Brooke) need you all to find the parts to the cure. The clues to the first part are above. As for the second, you’ll find one of the zombies has left their DNA in a thread. Hopefully, it doesn’t spread.

Day Seven

Only one of our zombies was overly social today; Passie, who has infected Chid. Though our infected are the ones who have been more social. As Bhav infected Meeke and Secretz, Spoon infected Kitty_k and Shahd, and Ella infected Beni and turned Isidora into our fourth zombie.

Found in a thread made by the Forum Ghost, it shares something worth fighting for.

Day Eight

Both of our zombies, El and Cali, got a little too close to users today. El infected Shelly and Cali passed the virus onto Nemesis and turned Tanaka too. As for others, Meeke coughed onto Ann, Shahd talked to Bee and turned her, and Beni passed it on to Ouija.

As for the good news, only eight days in and Brooke found you all the first two parts to the virus’ cure. She’s protecting the Paracetamol and gave the DNA to Soleil, the new doctor, to protect. Now just Michelle, Nil, and Sumana need their one. For the third ingredient, it is MF59 you need. It could mistakenly be found in a closet but it’d definitely be found locally.


Day Nine

At it again, our far too social zombie Passie has turned two more into zombies. They’re Bhav and Secretz. Zombie Bee was also out socialising and infected discobot. As for our recently infected, Ann sneezed on Meeke, turning her. Then Ouija coughed on Nemesis, turning him. So now we have 10 zombies in total.

With Michelle’s recent exposure to the virus, she passed on her doctor’s title to Divcp, joining Nil, Sumana, Brooke, and Soleil. The substance needs to be contained in a vial so it doesn’t expire before it needs to be used.

Day Ten

The tenth day into the Forum Apocalypse and still more zombies are being turned. Five more zombies just today. Passie turned Ann and infected Sherry, while Isidora turned both Michelle and Beni. Then Bhav turned Faith, Nemesis turned Spoon, and discobot infected Div.

However, it was Passie who found the third cure ingredient and Doctor Nil is protecting it. There is just a worry that COVID showed us how easily a virus can spread and maybe it’ll be more impossible to find the fourth ingredient.

Day Eleven

Today most of the zombies mixed with each other. Except for Meeke who coughed on Pepper and Hanna, Nemesis sneezed on Spes and AS, Michelle got too close to glxwingAngel, and Faith infected Sumana and Izzy.

Quickly, our detectives were hard at work and found the fourth ingredient. So just one more to go. Also, Div passed on their title to SnowyStar, who is joining the other doctors (Nil, Sumana, Brooke, and Soleil). For the final part of the cure, scientists have discovered that it actually originated from a Laughing kookaburra’s flu. So this bird flu was most likely the cause of our zombie virus and we need to find out who was the original carrier.

Day Twelve

On day twelve, Zombie El started chatting again; Rose was infected. As did Isidora who passed it on to Madi and Secretz who passed it on to Quinn. Nemesis couldn’t stay away either and shared his cough, passing it on to JHW and turning AS. Michelle also turned another, Hanna, and infected Megan. Our infected Pepper passed it to Bluecookies and glxwingAngel made Sherry into a zombie.

It is very possible that the original carrier hasn’t contracted the virus and are possibly immune to it. This would mean their DNA would be even more important to finding the vaccine to the zombie virus.


Day Thirteen

The detectives have come up with a great idea, which is having the zombies and infected wear masks and gloves. Some have opted to do this. However, Tana didn’t and infected courtana. Neither did Meeke who turned Pepper, Madi who coughed on Ella, Quinn who turned Squishy, and Megan who sneezed on Ravi.

You will be able to find the cure sample, from the person who is unaffected, in a place for promotion.

Day Fourteen

It was the fourteenth day, El was out again. This time she was with Loogie and Ouija who was turned. Zombie Bee got too close to Eccentric, Bhav made a Zombie Rose, and Meeke made a Zombie Chid and shared the virus with one of our only original doctors, Nil. That wasn’t all. Shelly was sharing it with Andy Jr, Beni got too close to another doctor, Doctor Brooke, and Faith got to Eleven MA. Then Sherry turned Hanna, Pepper breathed on Kbail, and Squishy made a Zombie Wolfie. Plus, our infected were out in force too, as Courtney hung out with Dani.

As for the last ingredient of the cure, it was found. The blood of the original carrier, Mysterious Tea, with immunity from the virus. Time now to gather all the doctors together with their cure ingredients to create the cure.

Creating and Distributing

The five doctors meet on a story promotion thread and quickly got to work. An hour and 22 minutes to be exact. A huge thanks to our doctors (Nil, Sumana, Brooke, Soleil, and SnowyStar) for creating the cure and then going around the forums distributing it amongst the masses. Within 24 hours the inflicted were cured and the Zombie Virus had been completely eliminated.

There’s only one question to ask. Next time there contagious Forum virus, will you do your bit to help?